Error with Planner.plan(motion_name)

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Alban Laflaquiere


I faced an issue when using Planner.plan("motion_name") with the cloud version of the library.

Running the following code:

robot = jacobi.robots.FrankaPanda()
scene = jacobi.Environment(robot=robot, safety_margin=0.05)
planner = jacobi.Planner(scene, delta_time=0.02)
start = jacobi.Waypoint(position=...)
goal = jacobi.Waypoint(position=...)
desired_motion = jacobi.Motion("my_motion", robot, start=start, goal=goal)
trajectory = planner.plan("my_motion")

I got the following error:

    Please specify the Jacobi Studio project to compute motions in.

P-S: I found out that doing planner.plan(desired_motion) is working instead.

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Good catch! We'll check why "motion name" is not working, but since you've found a solution that is working for you I'm closing this issue.

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